April 1st 2017
Groningen (NL), Simplon
w/ tba

April 8th 2017
Hofheim (D), Jazzkeller
w/ Cross Vault, Frowning



November 26th 2016
Bucharesti (RO), Quantic
w/ Officium Triste, Pantheist, Ataraxie, Monolithe and more

March 27th 2016
Munich (D), Dark Easter Metal Meeting
w/ My Dying Bride, God Dethroned, Dornenreich, Rotting Christ and more

February 12th - February 19th 2016
February 12th - Hamburg (D), Bambi Galore
February 13th - Göttingen (D), Juze
February 14th - Berlin (D), Tommyhaus
February 15th - Nürnberg (D), Kunstverein
February 16th - Antwerp (BE), Kavka
February 17th - Lille (F), Le Midland
February 18th - Rouen (F), Le Kalif
February 19th - Rotterdam (NL), Baroeg

January 2nd 2016
Hamburg (D), Knust
w/ Implore, Thrashing Pumpguns, Morbitory

2 0 1 5

December 5th 2015
Freiburg (D), Crash
w/ Hooded Menace, Mourning Beloveth, Shores of Null, Cross Vault

December 4th 2015
Oberhausen (D), Helvete
w/ Hooded Menace, Mourning Beloveth, Shores of Null

November 28th 2015
Leeuwarden (NL), Into Darkness Festival
w/ Naglfar, Lychgate, Terzij De Horde, Goat Torment & more

October 24th 2015
Kassel (D), Moshfest / K19
w/ Demilich, Depression, Witchburner & more

September 12th 2015
Ulm (D), CAT Club
w/ Egoist, Abandoned Dreams

September 11th 2015
Wuppertal (D), Underground
w/ Immortal Scorn

August 8th 2015
Schlotheim (D). Party.San Open Air
w/ My Dying Bride, Samael, Cannibal Corpse, Nuclear Assault & more

July 3rd 2015
Torgau (D), In Flammen Open Air
w/ Entombed AD, Dark Funeral, Terrorizer, EyeHateGod & more

May 26th 2015
Mechelen (BE), Kamikaze
w/ Marche Funèbre, Woebegone Obscured

May 24th 2015
Tilburg (NL), Little Devil
w/ Marche Funèbre, Woebegone Obscured

May 23rd 2015
Aarhus (DK), Monorama
w/ Marche Funèbre, Woebegone Obscured

May 17th 2015
Moscow (RUS), Rock House
w/ Worship, Who Dies In Siberian Slush, Below The Sun

May 16th 2015
St. Petersburg (RUS), Backstage
ОТКРОВЕНИЯ ДОЖДЯ, Restless Oblivion, Aut Mori & more

February 28th 2015
Madrid (ESP), Sala Paddok
w/ Saturnus, Autumnal, Lantlos & more

February 27th 2015
Lisbon (PT), RCA Club
w/ Saturnus, Autumnal, Lantlos & more

2 0 1 4

November 16th 2014
Plzen (CZ), Pod Lampou w/ Et Moriemur, Marche Funèbre

November 15th 2014
Prague (CZ),
Modrá Vopice w/ Et Moriemur, Marche Funebre

November 14th 2014
(D), Bandhaus w/ Doomed, Et Moriemur, Marche Funèbre

November 1st 2014
(D), Killing Fields Festival 
w/ Sufferage, Thrashing Pumpguns, Crimson Swan, We Shall Arise, Mutilated Remains

October 25th 2014

(D), Juz
w/ Crimson Swan,

October 24th 2014
(D), Wasserhaus
w/ Crimson Swan,
Bait, The Man Within 

October 4th 2014

(D), Bambi Galore
w/ Ataraxie, Lone Wanderer

September 19th 2014
(D), "Berlin Swamp Fest"

June 21st 2014

(D), "Lost Secrets" special-gig w/ Ctulu 

May 31st 2014

Hamburg (D), Heavy Veddel Open Air
w/ Sufferage, Todtgelichter, Incarceration, Dawn of Obliteration and many more

May 17th 2014
Münster(D), Sputnikhalle
w/ Hallig, Total Negation, Fyrnask

May 10th 2014
Brescia (I), Circolo Colony
w/ Officium Triste, Lacrima & more

2 0 1 3

December 7th 2013

Huy (BE), Atelier Rock
w/ Officium Triste, Ataraxie, Marche Funebre, Fading Bliss, Crimson Swan

December 6th 2013

Freiburg (D), Crash
w/ Officium Triste, Snarf, Crimson Swan

October 18th 2013

Dresden (D), Chemiefabrik
w/ Gorleben, Psychotop

September 1st 2013

Copenhagen (DK), Killtown Deathfest

w/ Death Strike, Convulsed, Funeralium, Cadaveric Fumes & more

June 22nd - July 1st 2013
June 22nd - Arnhem (NL), Willemeen
June 23rd - London (UK), Boston Music Room
June 24th - Mechelen (BE), Kamikaze
June 26th - Gdansk (PL), Wydział Remontowy
June 27th - Riga (LV), Melna Piektdiena
June 28th - Vana-Vigala (EE), Hard Rock Laager Festival
June 29th - Helsinki (FIN), Nosturi / Tuska festival
July 1st - Hamburg (D), Hafenklang

April 26th / 27th 2013
Göppingen (D), Doom Shall Rise Festival

March 28th 2013
Bielefeld (D), AJZ w/ Spancer

March 23rd 2013

Halle/Saale (D), Marktwirtschaft w/ Spancer, Oxist

March 22nd 2013

Kassel (D), H**S w/ Spancer

2 0 1 2

December 1st 2012
Ingolstadt, Ohrakel
w/ Grand Supreme Blood Court, Desaster

November 17th 2012

Göttingen, JuZi
w/ Nightslug, Atomwinter

September 29th 2012

Dublin (IRE), The Pint
w/ Ataraxie, Procession, Pantheist, Solstice & more

September 7th 2012
Straubing, Death Doomed The Age Festival
w/ Sinister, Mourning Beloveth, Protector, Venenum & more

May 30th - June 9th 2012
May 30th - Ludwigsburg, Rockfabrik
May 31st - Geneva (CH), L´usine
June 1st - Zürich (CH), Dynamo
June 2nd - Vienna (A), Escape Metal Corner
June 3rd - Ljubljana (SLO), Klub Gromka
June 4th - Prague (CZ), Black Pes
June 5th - München, Feierwerk
June 6th - Berlin, K17
June 7th - Jena, Rosenkeller
June 8th - Rotterdam (NL), Baroeg
June 9th - Oberhausen, Kult Tempel

May 12th 2012
Dordrecht (NL), Popcentrale
w/ Saturnus, Akelei, Mythological Cold Towers, Heavy Lord

May 11th 2012
Tilburg (NL), 013 w/ Ataraxie, Faal

April 28th 2012
Paderborn, Metal Inferno Festival
w/ Blaze Bayley, Farsot, Portrait, Dust & more

February 3rd 2012
Hamburg, Bambi Galore
w/ Isole, Officium Triste, Swamp Corpse

2 0 1 1

December 10th 2011
Madrid (ESP), Madrid Is The Dark Festival

November 13th 2011
Rotterdam (NL), Baroeg / Dutch Doom Days X

November 5th 2011
Neubrandenburg, Zebra
w/ Dead Remains, Tehace, Endless Distrust

October 23rd 2011
London (UK), Purple Turtle
w/ Saturnus, Esoteric & more

October 1st 2011
Uder / Heiligenstadt, Gemeindehaus
w/ Atomwinter, Rogash, Ritual Killing.

April 29th 2011
Leipzig, Bandhaus
w/ Ghost In The Shell, Black Salvation, Calliophis

March 5th 2011
Münster, Sputnikhalle
w/ Ahab + Black Space Riders

February 19th 2011
Berlin, Blackland
w/ Android Empire

2 0 1 0

December 11th 2010
Ahrensburg, JuKi42
w/ Dead Remains, Ridden By Disease

December 4th 2010
Hamburg, Bambi Galore
w/ Totenmond, Torn To Pieces

November 27th 2010
Lüneburg, Jekyll & Hyde
w/ Dissector, Igereth

November 5th 2010
Kiel, Pumpe / Kielowatt Festival
Info: ;

October 31st 2010
Paris (F), Le Klub
w/ Ataraxie + Inborn Suffering + Aathma + Fatum Elysum

October 10th 2010

Utrecht (NL), dB's Studio
w/ Ataraxie + Funeralium + Switchblade + Pombagira and more

October 9th 2010
Leeuwarden (NL), Mukkes
w/ Ortega, Terzij De Horde

June 19th 2010
Stralsund, Meltdown Metalclub

May 28th 2010
Hamburg, Bambi Galore
"Withered Shades" - Live-Premiere w/ Hiam

April 17th 2010
Winsen/Luhe, JuZ
"From The Underground And Below" w/ Mutilated Remains, Dissector

March 27th 2010
Paderborn, Kulturwerkstatt w/ Bloodwork + tba.

March 13th 2010
Schwerin, Dr. K. - "Metal In The Head VI"
w/ Dead Remains, Moder

2 0 0 9

May 16th 2009

Helsinki (FI), Lepakkomies / Dooomstock Festival
w/ Skepticism, Spiritus Mortis, ...

May 15th 2009

Turku (FI), Klubi
w/ Lord Vicar, Spiritus Mortis, Fleshpress

April 12th 2009

Hamburg, Bambi Galore
w/ Mourning Beloveth, Mournful Congregation, Longing For Dawn

April 10th 2009
Berlin, Amnesie Club
w/ Evoken, Isole, Officium Triste

April 9th 2009

Jena, Rosenkeller
w/ Evoken, Isole, Officium Triste

2 0 0 8

November 22nd 2008

Stralsund, Latem Enox Club w/ Execution

November 15th 2008

Einsiedeln (CH), Dawn Of Doom II - Festival

w/ Skepticism + Pantheist
October 25th - Hamburg, Logo
October 26th - Rotterdam (NL), Baroeg (Dutch Doom Days)
October 27th - Nürnberg, Kunstverein
October 28th - Prague (CZ), Black Pes
October 29th - Nitra (SLO), Rock Club Na OZZaY
October 30th - Vienna (A), Escape
October 31st - Berlin, Amnesie Club

September 12th/13th 2008

Krugsdorf/Pasewalk, Tunes Of Death Festival

July 18th 2008

Pößneck, Hell's Pleasure Metal Fest

May 25th 2008

Berlin, Magnet Club w/ Esoteric & shEver

May 24th 2008

Hamburg, Marx w/ Esoteric & shEver

May 3rd 2008
Neu Wulmstorf, Metal Bash Open Air

2 0 0 7

November 10th 2007
Waltershausen, Kulturfabrik w/ Denial Of God, Demonical, Moder, Infaust

November 3rd 2007
Braunschweig, B58 w/ Moder

October 2nd 2007
Hamburg, Ballroom w/ Moder + Soulsgate
"Stream Of Misery" - Release-Party

April 13th 2007
Buchholz, Atmosphäre 412 w/ Scythe + Schwarzenberg + Delirium

April 8th 2007
Berlin, Kulturbrauerei (Kesselhaus) ; Dark Eastern Festival

2 0 0 6

 November 11th 2006
Winsen/Luhe, JuZe w/ Frost + Sakramortem

October 28th 2006
Bad Lobenstein, Kulturbrauhaus Kubra  w/ Purgatory + Death By Dawn + Mimosis

May 26th 2006
Bremen, Schlachthof w/ Hexenhammer + Moder + Misconceived

May 25th 2006
Hamburg, Fundbureau w/ Hidden In The Fog + Moder

April 22th 2006
Osnabrück, Westwerk w/ Aborted +  Embedded,...

March 4th 2006
Itzehoe, Lichtschauspielhaus w/ Pentacle + Thee Plague Of Gentlemen + Old

January 13th 2006
Hamburg, Marx / Wacken Metal Battle

January 11th 2006
Hamburg, Logo w/ Before The Dawn + Swallow The Sun

2 0 0 5

December 3rd 2005
Waltershausen, Kulturfabrik w/ Nailwounds + Pestis

December 2nd 2005

Halle, Marktwirtschaft w/ Faced Reality + Bloody Maria

September 16th 2005
Hamburg, Fundbureau w/ Lay Down Rotten + Ancient Existence

June 4th 2005

Bremerhaven, Haus der Jugend w/ The Damnation + Lunar Eclipse

March 19th 2005

Hamburg, Headbanger's Ballroom / Sure Shot Woche w/ Illdisposed + My Darkest Hate

2 0 0 4

December 19th 2004

Hamburg, Headbanger's Ballroom w/ Endstille + Koldbrann + The Awakening

July 2nd 2004
Hamburg, Headbanger's Ballroom w/ Harmony Dies + Ill-Fated

May 14th 2004
Hamburg, Headbanger's Ballroom w/ Primordial +  Children Of Wrath