“Immersed” split-EP to be re-released on vinyl

Our new full-length won’t be out until autumn 2021, but we will sweeten the wait with a re-issue of our 2012 split-EP “Immersed” with OFFICIUM TRISTE on 12″ vinyl via ARCHAIC SOUNDS RECORDS.
The EP (which delivers almost full-length running time) will be out in FEBRUARY 2021 and will be available in standard black and 2 different blue/white transparent splatter vinyl. Pre-order at the label’s bandcamp already started, our own pre-order will also start soon.

OPHIS confirmed for Barther Metal Open Air – Corona Special 2020

Yes, we will play a live show during COVID-19. In front of an actually real audience.
We are confirmed to co-headline the CORONA SPECIAL 2020 version of BARTHER OPEN AIR on August 15!
The great promoters of Kältetod Legion managed to get an official confirmation to do the festival with an actual audience! We are proud to be part of that and happy to proclaim that the festival is sold out!!!!

We strongly ask everyone attending to stick to the local distance- and maskwearing rules! Sure, it will be a weird show that way, but it will still be awesome. Take care of your responsibility for your health and the health of others. Plus, we don’t want the feds to terminate the show just because some fuckhead assholes can’t behave, ok?

Charity in times of COVID-19

As you all know, COVID-19 is heavily damaging the worldwide culture scene, threatening artists, venues and promoters alike, sometimes to the point of going bankrupt. So for that reason, we decided to donate the entire profit we make on our Bandcamp-shop UNTIL THE CONTACT-BAN IN GERMANY IS OFFICIALLY OVER to the metal-venues in our hometown Hamburg. So buy like crazy and support the underground!
Visit us here:


We got brand new shirts in stock, featuring an exclusive design by Seventh Bell Artwork! Burn your poseurish whimpy EMP Merchandise! Instead impress everyone with your exclusive taste for Death-Doom attire! Can be ordered now in our shop and of course bought at gigs!

Underground prices for underground Metalheads!

Yet more shows!

We added the first shows for 2020! Please see concerts section for details. We will return to Denmark among other places, and will also perform in our hometown Hamburg together with the legendary Bethlehem, who will play here for the first time in…. maybe forever?

We also will Focus mainly on songwriting in 2020, and that stuff needs to be tested, so you can expect some unreleased material during the scheduled gigs.

Shows added

We added some new shows and we are eager to return to Austria and Switzerland after 7 years.

Germany shows added as well, Meltdown Festival for example. See concerts section for details.

New line-up announcement

As some of you already guessed, we have a new line-up to announce! Both Simon and Steffen have parted ways with Ophis already in late 2018! They came into this band together, and that’s how they leave… both had different reasons, but in the end it came down to the same problem: no personal differences, no musical ones – we simply could not find a schedule and set of priorities anymore on which everyone could agree upon! Priorities shifted and no matter how we tried to handle it, there was no solution anymore which would be satisfying to everyone. There is no bad blood – such is life, and these things happen, so we sat together and agreed that it would be better to go seperate ways instead of everyone starting to get frustrated. We thank both Steffen and Simon for their dedicated work and the short but great time we had together! Steffen remains active with CRYPTIC BROOD and REPULSIVE FEAST, as Simon stays active with VOIDHAVEN and FVNERAL FVKK, so you will cross their paths again!

That was already in december 2018. Today, we are proud to announce the new line-up: guitar will be handled by Floris Lange van Ravenswaay (DROWNSHIP, ex-TODTGELICHTER), who also played the last tour with us to step in for Simon, who had to stay home. Drums will be bashed to shreds by none other than our old friend since the very early days: Ole Fink (GOREZONE, OBSUN, ex-SUFFERAGE). Welcome to the serpents.

Oh yeah, and this also means we can finally start writing the next album!

New prices for shipping

Unfortunately the vultures at the german post office decided that wares can no longer be sent as huge-format letters, but HAVE to be sent in boxes. That means we can no longer charge delivery costs for a huge-format letter but for normal packages, which increases the price A LOT. Example: normal CD / Shirt order to south America was around 9 Euro before, now costs about 16….

We are very sorry, but it is out of our hands.


Tourshirts are here. Available in sizes S-XL and also a very limited number of longsleeves.

If there are any shirts left after tour, they will be available in our shop, but if they sell out on the road, there will be no re-print. Costs 12,00 € on the road. Fuck price-politics. Underground prices for underground fans!!!!