Line-Up changes

There have been some mails from you due to confusion about the current OPHIS line-up, and we admit we could have communicated this more clearly, since we included it only in other news. So probably not everyone noticed everything. So here is the situation: Martin has left the band a few months ago. He handed guitar-duties over to Simon Schorneck​. We thank Martin for his 5 years in the band, the many ideas he contributed and the tours we did. He will remain active with Fäulnis.

Nils also quits. He will play his very last show with the band in 2 weeks in Bucharest. Drums will be handled by Steffen Brandes​, whom many of you know from his work with the excellent Cryptic Brood​ and his label Lycanthropic Chants​. We already work with him, and it is exciting to work on the new material with fresh blood.